Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Knurden Style: Completed Maps (Part 7)

As promised last time, some completed maps.  These are 3250x3250 so you will have to click through or download to view full size.  (You may use the maps for non-commercial purposes, if you'd like.)

This was my primary test map.  The city names that lie across islands are difficult to read; I will probably tweak the city label style some to try to address that.

I tried a map using the Mediterranean template that creates a central sea:
With this configuration the central rhumblines become a pretty striking feature.  It's not the sort of thing you'd want to see on every map, but it look pretty good here.  There are a couple of other nice features on this map.  I like the big enclosed bay at the lower right (although “Obvioussland" is not a great name -- I'm not even sure how the name generator came up with that).  The snaky river in the upper left looks very good, although for some reason it got two names.
Here's a final map, this time a “coast" map showing one coast of a larger continent:
This one happened to generate a Lost Coast and I've modified the label style for that to fit in with the general style of these maps.  There's also a weird coincidence on this map where one of the rhumblines comes out of the mouth of river which looks strange.

Here's a side-by-side comparison:
You can certainly see differences in the scale and color palette, but overall, I think the finished maps capture a lot of the style of the original map.  

So that's it for Knurden-style maps.  Next time ... haunted forests.